Hillside Park Project Survey


It is proposed to improve the tennis courts and allow for basketball on the Hillside Elementary School property located at 7th Street and Brandt Avenues in New Cumberland.

Specific improvements include:

> Resurfacing the two upper tennis courts to return them to a proper playing surface. New nets and posts will be installed.

> In addition, those two tennis courts will be lined to accommodate Pickle Ball.

> The other two tennis courts closer to Brandt Avenue will be converted to two basketball courts, including heavy duty rims, backboards, and supports.

> The old fence will be removed, and replaced with a brand new fence of heavy duty construction.

> The surface of all four courts will be made level, so as to prevent water run-off to the lower baseball field.

** There will be no lights placed around the perimeter of the courts, as use of courts will be limited to dawn to dusk.
** New Cumberland Police will keep an eye on activities at the courts as they make their usual rounds.

The improvements proposed will benefit those who play tennis, those who would like to play Pickle Ball, and those who would like to play basketball. When completed, this project will turn this recreational area into an asset for the West Shore School District and the whole New Cumberland community. One of the other potential benefits is that such improvements may contribute to property values in the surrounding neighborhoods to go up.

In addition to the above proposed improvements, the project will make improvements to the youth girls and boys softball fields, including:

> New backstop and 2 safety screens
> 2 new dugouts
> New snack bar
> New storage shed

The total cost of the project is expected to be close to $150,000. Early fund raising efforts began in September, and will continue through May 2021. The project will not start construction until all funds necessary for the project have been raised. Construction will start at the end of the school year (mid-June), and take about 4-6 weeks, so that the courts are usable by August 1, 2021.

No new taxes will be levied to help pay for the improvements.

This project has been presented to the West Shore School District Board of Directors, and was voted unanimously in favor. 

Based on the description of the proposed improvements, what is your opinion?  

> Yes, I’m in favor.

> No, I’m not in favor.

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