Objectives, Benefits, and Impact of Project

• Provide a quality space for student-athletes to play basketball for New Cumberland and surrounding area
• Enhance the area as a “phys-ed” asset for New Cumberland Hillside Elementary and Middle School purposes
• Improve the quality of the remaining tennis courts
• Make the space a more attractive as an asset to the community
• Eliminate further risk to surrounding play areas by remediating water run-off onto baseball fields
• Make the space safer by replacing the fence surrounding the area (which currently is a hazard to passers-by and those playing on the courts), thereby reducing liability and maintenance costs for the West Shore School District
• Referring to the girls softball field area, these fields will be improved in a way similar to what was done for boys baseball several years ago, thereby providing a nicer looking and more symmetrically balanced amenities, in addition to making it a better space for the girls to play softball.

Impact for Boy’s Basketball

Having top notch outdoor basketball courts at our disposal will be a tremendous asset for not just the community, but the basketball program. Community benefits aside of having an outdoor recreation space, a significant number of the players in the basketball program at Cedar Cliff reside within walking or biking distance to the Hillside Elementary campus. There is just not a sufficient outdoor court currently in our area, thus forcing the players to travel to Mechanicsburg (Wesley Park), Messiah College, or Enola (Adams-Ricci Community Park) if they want to play basketball outside. So, having these courts available will be an immediate and significant impact for the players.

Having an available court for aforementioned pickup basketball is only one benefit that the renovated courts would present. We would also be able to run fundraisers at the courts (3v3 tournaments and/or organized outdoor league play with HS teams) as well as community events (skill building and training for youth on nice weather weekends). There are endless ideas with which to utilize the courts for these standalone functions, but also as part of already-established functions within the community---such as during the New Cumberland Apple Festival or during the River Rescue Carnival.

Impact for Tennis

The Hillside Project is of substantial value to the New Cumberland community generally, and to the tennis family in particular. First, opening two tennis courts will give the community more opportunity to play the sport, and thereby provide an entree into exercise and improved health. In addition, cleaning up the courts will provide another forum for pickle-ball - a sport becoming more popular throughout the country and the local area.

The addition of two cleaned up courts will also create an opportunity to initiate and develop a middle school program - a program that would become a feeder for the high school. For the last few years, the high school program registered several players who have never played before high school. A middle school program - housed at newly refurbished courts - will eliminate some of today’s inexperience, and therefore improve the quality of play and the high school teams. These courts would also be available for the New Cumberland Middle School gym classes.

In summary, reconditioning the courts creates several benefits for the community.

The Hillside Park Project is a Project of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, fiscal sponsor. 

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