Scope of Project

There are two areas of improvement, both of which are on the lower side of Hillside Elementary School, bordered by Brandt Avenue, 7th Street, and Beacon Hill Street:

1) Tennis Courts to Basketball Courts
2) Improvements to Girls Softball Field

Tennis courts to basketball courts

• Convert (2) of the courts currently used for tennis into (2) basketball courts. (The two courts envisioned for conversion are the two courts closest to Brandt Avenue).
• Resurface and rehabilitate the remaining (2) tennis courts so that they will be safer and more appealing to those in the community who wish to play tennis.
• Overlay pickle-ball court lines atop one of the two improved tennis courts.
• Replace the fence surrounding this area.
• Remediate the drainage issue that causes water run-off damage to baseball field (to the south of the court area).

Note: Not in the scope of this project is inclusion of “lighting” around the court area. In the interest of security and noise control, it is not envisioned that lighting would be something to be undertaken as part of this project, now or in later phases. Hence, all play (whether it be basketball or tennis) would cease at dusk.

Girls softball fields

• Remove and dispose of existing backstop and safety screen. 
• Remove existing benches (to be installed in new dugouts). 
• Existing bleachers to be re-used.
• Provide and install one new backstop, and two new safety screens. 
• Build two new 5’ x 18’ dugouts (including material & labor). 
• Build new 8’ x 12’ snack bar / storage shed (including material & labor). 
• Grade and seed areas around new dugouts, snack bar/storage shed, and other disturbed areas. 
• Remove and dispose of all construction debris.

See illustrations of future court area and fields below.

The Hillside Park Project is a Project of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, fiscal sponsor.

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